# Application Structure

Email Hero's user interface structure is standardized, you will encounter with the same patterns all around the application.

Application Screenshot

In the upcoming sections, we are going to walk through the main parts of the application. We are going to highlight the part we are talking about with a red border.

On the left hand side, you can see a permanent navigation sidebar. You can always switch to the application's main views from here. Navigation sidebar

There are four items in this navigation bar.

  1. Design Systems Navigation sidebar - design systems

  2. Master Templates Navigation sidebar - master templates

  3. Brands & Templates Navigation sidebar - brands & templates

  4. Audit logs Navigation sidebar - audit logs

In the great majority of the views, you will see a navigation list on the right-hand side of the main navigation sidebar: Navigation list


In Email Hero, these navigation lists are used for managing:

  • block categories
  • master template categories
  • and brands.

On the fop of the navigation list, you can find a search bar, with which you can search for the name of the list items: Navigation list - search

You can also create a new item, by pressing the plus button next to the search bar: Navigation list - new item

# Selected list item

The selected item from the navigation list will appear on the top of the main part of the application: Application Screenshot

You can access the selected list item's actions through its dropdown menu: Application Screenshot

# Item grid

The main part of the application is an item grid. Each item is a card with different actions: Application Screenshot

On the top of the item grid, you can find a search bar: Application Screenshot

That is extending when you click on it. You can search for the items in the currently selected category. (These are blocks, master templates, or brand templates.) Application Screenshot

You can also add a new item by clicking the button on the top-right-hand-side corner: Application Screenshot